New in SDS 7.3

The SDS Model Editor and SD Model Cloud will now be replaced with the new Utility Content Hub™ (UCH). UCH gives you direct access to without ever having to leave Autodesk Inventor. UCH also has additional tools to add SDS intelligence to individual models and prepare models for design checks.

The SDS intelligence includes:

  • Type, Attributes—This is the metadata required for SDS Design Checks and Utility Data Hub™ (UDH) Design Checks.
  • Required Geometry—By selecting the correct Component Type, the proper Work Geometry will be placed in the model that is selected.
  • Terminal, Work Geometry—Places terminal locations for UDH Design Checks based on type.
  • Prepare Model for Live-Grounded Checks—Suppresses surfaces for SDS Phase to Ground Design Checks.

Substation Design Settings now include a Design Bus Folder.

Bus & Corona Calculators have now been moved to the Utility Content Hub™ (UCH). This is still accessible from the SDS toolbar.

7.3 Feature Improvements

  • Improved Delete Bus tool.
  • Improved window sizing for Below Grade Settings.
  • Improved Cable & Bus update tool when placed by Cylindrical Surfaces.
  • Bus can now be placed with a zero offset.
  • Resolved issue with bus being placed in wrong X-axis location.
  • Bolt Circle tool will now place assemblies when using the browse to folder selection.
  • Resolved issue with Dual Cables when fitting has a large distance from NEMA face to Cable Work Geometry.
  • Corrected issue with placing fittings on 45° plane.
  • Resolved SDS database issue with “path not valid”.
  • Resolved issue with Rotate Fitting tool when fittings have additional holes on same plane as the NEMA hole arrangement.
  • Resolved Installer issue with SDS Database.
  • Improved Cable Update tool when cable placed by points.
  • Improved Rotate Fitting tool when rotating fitting assemblies.
  • Rigid Conduit Unit Length now places units and decimal precision consistently.