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Intelligent Design Solutions

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Intelligent Design Solutions

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Intelligent Design Solutions

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Intelligent Design Solutions

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Automated Utility Design™

Automated Utility Design™ software combines design and documentation with rules-driven workflows and analysis for utility and telecommunications distribution design, all based on the power of AutoCAD.

Utility DataHub™

Utility DataHub™ is a suite of product-level integration modules developed by SBS to support common infrastructure design workflows including geographic information systems, asset management, and mobile computing.

Substation Design Suite™

Substation Design Suite™ extends the power of Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical to provide highly productive substation design tools for intelligent 3D design and intelligent wiring design.
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Utility DataHub™ Integrates Utility Workflows

Configurable, product-level integration with leading industry products

Be More Productive

Design consultants at a Southwestern US electric utility are 80% more productive using AUD.

Accomplish Tasks Faster

A Midwestern US utility accomplished substation design 60-70% faster with the SBS Substation Design Suite™ technology.

Reduce Design Time

A major Southern Utility reduced design time from eight weeks to a few days using the SDS Protection and Control product.

A leading municipal reduced design time by over 50% with SBS intelligent integration.

Streamline Data Integration

Utility DataHub™ helped customers for an East Coast electric & gas utility reduce data entry times from fifteen minutes to less than a minute by streamlining the integration of design data into GIS.

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