SpatialBiz Plug-in for Smallworld

SpatialBiz Plug-in for Smallworld

A high performance interface between GE Smallworld and Safe Software's FME tool for spatial data.

SpatialBiz Plug-in for Smallworld

The SpatialBiz Plug-in for Smallworld is a high-performance, functionally-rich interface between GE Smallworld and Safe Software’s FME tool for spatial data. The SpatialBiz Plug-in for Smallworld is a proven product that has been used by hundreds of users to open the Smallworld system to the enterprise.

The SpatialBiz Plug-in for Smallworld helps you seamlessly compile and integrate data from GE Smallworld and other software programs. Read, write, and understand spatial data translation in no time with SpatialBiz Plug-in.



  • Rapidly translates Smallworld data into hundreds of spatial data formats
  • Allows access to Smallworld data from FME tools
  • Supports bulk retrieval of Smallworld data
  • Fully aligns with FME product directions


Access to easy-to-use FME Workbench
Reduced custom integration expenses for spatial data translation projects
Ability to exploit Smallworld data for a wide variety of applications
Access to mobile computing, analysis tools, and third-party applications
Flexibility to add new applications more quickly
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GE Smallworld?

Smallworld is a Geographic Information System (GIS) owned by GE. The FME extension uses the SpatialBiz Plug-in extension to efficiently move data for utility and telecommunications to other formats and applications. FME works with the SpatialBiz Plug-in to allow reading and writing from the Smallworld VMDS Database.


What is an FME Extension?

FME streamlines the translation of spatial data between geometric and digital formats. It works closely with:  

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Raster graphics software

Additional Plug-ins and Extensions

Over the years, SBS has developed a number of extensions for GE Smallworld and plug-ins for FME.


  • SWConnector
  • SWConnector FDO Edition
  • SWService
  • SWSync

FME Plug-ins

  • OSpatial Plug-in
  • ASPEN DistriView Plug-in
  • Milsoft Plug-in


  • Utility DataHub™ – Design – GIS
  • FDO provider for Teradata
  • ThematicViewer
  • NetMaps
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