Substation Design Suite-Protection & Control

Substation Design Suite™ – Protection & Control

Substation Design Suite™ Protection and Control

Built to work on AutoCAD™ Electrical.

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SDS Protection & Control tools include:

-Intelligent Relays

-Linked Schematics

-Automated Jumpers and Annotation

-Automated Wiring Table, Cable Schedule and Bill of Materials

-CT/PT Connections

-Ability to add Intelligence to Vector and Raster CAD Drawings

-Intelligent Wire Connections

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Frequently Asked Questions about
Substation Design Suite™

Do I have to purchase the entire suite? Or can I purchase separate modules?
Many of our customers only do physical or electrical design. Because of this, our modules are sold separately.
Does SBS provide training for Substation Design Suite™?
Yes! SBS provides training and mentoring programs. Learn more information about our offerings.
What does Substation Design Suite™ include out of the box?
Substation Design Suite Protection and Control (P&C) is provided out-of-the-box with over 1000 substation-specific symbols and dozens of sample schematic and panel drawings to aid users in establishing their own P&C standard libraries.
Does Substation Design Suite™ provide substation content?
Substation Design Suite™ utilizes our Utility Content product for substation content. With Utility Content you can gain access to manufacturer models or create models with our Content Configurator to help design intelligent 3D substations. Please visit Utility Content at to learn more.