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Spatial Master Data Management


Spatially Enabled Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) is an architectural approach to software systems that supports a consistent, common, and uniform data management scheme across an enterprise.  At a simplified level, it can be referred to as a “single version of truth.” Spatially enabled Master Data Management involves the tools, processes, and expertise to implement MDM across an enterprise that uses spatial information.

SBS provides spatially-enabled MDM solutions for enterprise-level clients to help them eliminate silos of information caused by the use of different software platforms that need to process spatial information, such as CAD, GIS, and Asset Management systems.

MDM Solution Architecture

The SBS spatial MDM architecture shown in the diagram to the right highlights support for a spatially enabled Operational Data Store (ODS) at the center of the solution. ODS forms the foundation for the storage of an organization’s spatial master data. A set of powerful software tools, based on FME from Safe Software,  support the ability to transform, integrate, and validate the data.

MDM Solution Architecture

Software Applications

Operational Data Store

Product components that enable spatial MDM software include the FME spatial ETL product from Safe Software along with SBS product-level extensions. The SBS extensions offer:


  • Transformation and data synchronization services
  • Data cleansing and de-duplication (conflation)
  • Global ID management
  • A comprehensive validation framework
  • Network topology support

    Platform Capabilities

    Spatial MDM capabilities can be implemented on most leading spatial platforms supported by the FME product:


    • Oracle
    • Oracle Spatial
    • GE Smallworld
    • Esri ArcGIS
    • AutoCAD Map3D®
    • SQL Server
    • IBM Maximo
    Mdm Platforms


    SBS strategic consulting services provide a range of capabilities to help clients justify their MDM investment and develop a roadmap for a successful program. With deep expertise in the integration of spatial information, SBS provides data analysis and implementation services to ensure that organizations can successfully implement their spatial master data management solutions with confidence. SBS solutions can be delivered on a turnkey basis, or we can work together with a client team that may include a preferred systems integrator.

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