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With hundreds of clients served across the world, SBS provides proven, effective solutions for designing the world’s critical infrastructure.

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About SBS

SBS intelligent design solutions help utility and telecom organizations leverage the power of their investments in utility networks, GIS, CAD, and enterprise systems. The company has helped hundreds of utility, telecommunications, and AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) firms achieve real benefits with dramatic increases in productivity. With offices in Denver, Colorado and Melbourne, Australia, SBS provides expert-level consulting skills and extensive experience in working with the unique engineering aspects of critical, networked infrastructure.

Intelligent design solutions involve much more than the outstanding visual graphics we deliver to our clients. SBS solutions create real-world models, often referred to as digital twins, to power the critical applications that manage interconnected network grids. Our intelligent designs enable better, safer construction and optimized asset operations. SBS also provides product-level, configurable integration to enterprise systems that empowers our clients to achieve optimal returns on the billions of dollars of infrastructure assets they manage.

Our Team

SBS has been offering first class solutions to our customers all over the world since 2002.

  • Al Eliasen
    Chief Executive Officer
    Al Eliasen has more than 30 years of experience working in various roles of technically focused companies. As President of SBS, Al provides direction and guidance for all of our groups. From delivery to customer relationships, technical project operations to development and project management teams, Al coordinates and drives our strategic direction.
  • Dennis Beck
    Chairman, Founder
    Dennis Beck is a co-founder of SBS. He has more than thirty-five years of experience in engineering design, geospatial systems implementation, software systems consultancy, business analysis, and systems engineering. He specializes in the use of advanced technologies to solve the challenges of managing critical infrastructure information.


    Andrew | SBS Team
  • Andrew Street
    Vice President of Technology
    Andy Street, a founding partner of SBS, has more than thirty years of experience in the GIS marketplace. Andy is recognized throughout the GIS industry as one of the most experienced implementers and integrators of object-oriented GIS technologies for the management of critical infrastructure in the utility, telecommunications, and government market segments. 
  • Jim Vasil
    Chief Financial Officer

    Jim Vasil joined SBS as our CFO in January 2024, with nearly 15 years of experience in the software industry.  He is responsible for all financial aspects of SBS as well as Human Resources.  Before SBS, he served as SVP, Finance, and Operations at Vertafore, a leading insurance software company.

    Serguei | SBS Team
  • Serguei Sokolov
    Chief Technology Officer

    Serguei Sokolov is an Enterprise Architect and subject matter expert for Utilities. He supports the delivery of major projects, business development, and customer relations. Working with SBS consulting and third-party teams, Serguei advises on enterprise and cloud technologies, industry implementation best practices, and SBS products direction to ensure sustainability and repeatability of solutions. 

  • Eric Fletcher
    Chief Revenue Officer

    Eric Fletcher has more than 35 years of experience working in various executive roles in the AEC and Utilities software industries. As Chief Revenue Officer of SBS, Eric provides direction and guidance for all our sales and marketing teams, focusing on client satisfaction and relationships, commercial solutions offerings and licensing programs.

  • Patrick Reid
    Executive Vice President

    Pat Reid joined SBS as the Director of Delivery in November 2011. He brings over thirty years of experience in project management and sales to the SBS team. Pat oversees all aspects of the SBS integration services group.

    Trevor | SBS Team
  • Trevor Scullion
    Vice President of Emerging Technologies

    Trevor Scullion leads SBS in the research of the latest technologies SBS customers can leverage to transform engineering and design processes into digital solutions. He has spent more than twenty years researching, building, and selling two software startups, one of which was the Substation Design Suite products acquired by SBS. 

  • Aaron Schmitt
    Vice President of Project Services

    Aaron Schmitt has risen through the ranks of SBS to his current role of Vice President of Project Services. Having overseen the Project Delivery organization for many years, he brings a customer success focused view to every project and now to our Development organization. Aaron manages Project Delivery and Development Operations. 

    James | SBS Team
  • Jim Lucas
    Vice President of Solution Marketing

    Jim Lucas has twenty years of experience as a utility design professional and software project manager. Jim provides executive consulting and guidance for SBS customers in the implementation of integrated design solutions. He also advises the SBS product development team on utility design trends and best practices.

  • Matt Jordan
    Vice President of Sales

    Matt Jordan joined SBS in 2022 with nearly 20 years of sales experience supporting Utility and Telecommunication engineering professionals.  He is responsible for leading the SBS sales organization and is passionate about delivering exceptional value to our customers who design, build and operate the world’s most critical infrastructure.

  • Kevin Whyte
    Vice President, Substations

    Kevin Whyte joined SBS as Vice President, Substations in February 2024 and brings over 15 years of experience working for electric utilities. In his most recent role as Director of System Engineering at Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative, he focused on serving data centers and government agencies. His expertise includes engineering design, planning, project management, customer service, and strategy development. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Western Michigan University and an MBA from the University of Florida. 

  • Scott Casey
    Vice President, Telecom

    Scott Casey has over two decades of experience developing and implementing geospatial solutions for the telecommunications industry. As Vice President, Telecom, he oversees customer engagements and market strategies focusing on fixed and wireless broadband. Scott held leadership roles at Smallworld, GE, IQGeo, and Cyclomedia. 

  • Jason Kagel
    Vice President of Software Development

    Jason Kagel, Vice President of Development, brings over 30 years of diverse engineering experience, including software and product management roles. He has dedicated his career to helping companies enhance product quality and reduce time-to-market by implementing continuous improvement, agile methodologies, coaching, and team empowerment across tech sectors. 

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    Our Partners

    SBS Partners With Industry-Leading Organizations

    SBS is committed to delivering best-of-breed distribution and substation design solutions to the utility and telecommunications industries. To meet the needs of our customers, SBS has established proven methodologies, industry templates, configuration tools, and a network of third-party partners. SBS continually works with its customers, delivery teams, and partners to continuously improve these solutions. 

    SBS design solutions seamlessly integrate with a variety of systems that are part of an overall design workflow including asset management, work order management, GIS, engineering analysis, and mobile computing. SBS has technical expertise and strategic partnerships with leading industry solution providers: Autodesk, Esri, Oracle, Safe Software, SPIDA Software, and others. 

    Autodesk Consulting System Integrator

    SBS is a strategic partner of Autodesk, having acquired their portfolio of utility products, Substation Design Suite and AutoCAD Utility Design. SBS also acquired Autodesk’s utility consulting team as part of the strategic alliance. These highly skilled staff members have deep technical expertise in many of Autodesk’s core products including AutoCAD, Map3D, Inventor, Vault and others. SBS is an Autodesk Consulting System Integrator and has developed product-level integration solutions that support GIS, engineering, and ERP workflow integration via the Utility DataHub™ platform.

    Esri Gold Partner

    As the global leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Esri is a key partner with SBS in providing a geographic context to our Intelligent Design Solutions. SBS is a renowned leader in the integration of Esri geospatial products including advanced support for the Esri Utility Network Model Extension. SBS also provides Esri-based interoperability solutions to support coexistence with CAD and alternate GIS products. With over one hundred Esri-based engagements in place, SBS provides the unique skills to make geographic information an integral part of utility design workflows.

    Safe Software Silver Partner

    Safe Software’s FME product is the market leader ETL for geospatial information. SBS leverages FME in many of our spatial integration offerings, enabling our clients to exchange data between different applications without the limitations of proprietary formats and systems. SBS is a member of the Silver VAR Partner Program for Safe Software and has developed several FME extensions that support a variety of different platforms. Working with SBS products, these FME offerings support advanced capabilities such as two-way interoperability and network model extraction.

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