Utility DataHub™

Utility DataHub™

Utility DataHub™

A suite of configurable, product-level software modules developed by SBS to integrate common utility infrastructure design workflows.

Historically, infrastructure-intensive organizations have developed custom, point-to-point interfaces for utility data that are often complex and costly to maintain. Utility DataHub™ provides a maintainable, product-based approach to address these workflows in an efficient and cost-effective manner.




Design Workflows
Utility DataHub™ provides the interfaces commonly used to enable integrated utility data and design workflows. This includes integration with geographic information systems (GIS), work management systems, and materials management systems.
GIS Integration

Utility DataHub™ enables users to quickly and seamlessly retrieve geospatial utility data from their enterprise GIS without having to leave the familiar user interfaces of AutoCAD® and AUD.

Utility DataHub™ NetMaps allows users to access web-based mapping utility data from most common internet mapping services to augment their designs. NetMaps can also access local sources of imagery and perform geocoding tasks.

Approved designs can be exported back to GIS via Utility DataHub™ Playback Manager module. Playback Manager automates the processing of design and as-built engineering information for promotion into geographic information systems in conformance with utility data mapping standards without data loss.

Supported GIS environments include Esri (ArcGIS, ArcFM, and ArcGIS Pro – Utility Network Model), GE Smallworld, Intergraph G/Technology, and Autodesk Map3D.

UDH Design
Finance and Material Management

Utility DataHub™ allows users to:

  • Retrieve work orders from work management systems
  • Display all relevant information for the design
  • Link work orders to drawing files
  • Store information for title block generation
  • Refresh drawing files with updated changes from the work management system
  • Unlink from current work order and link to another work order

All this from within the AutoCAD®-based AUD design environment.

Compatible units and related assemblies are made available to designers from the corporate Enterprise Asset Management or Materials Management systems.  Bill of Materials information can be sent back to these systems for estimating then on to other applications to support material retrieval and warehousing transactions.

Design - Analysis
Utility DataHub™ Design – Analysis enables integration between Automated Utility Design™ and SPIDA Software SPIDAcalc product, providing engineering designers with access to better data to perform advanced engineering tasks.

View this video of Utility DataHub™ Design – Analysis in action

UDH Analysis Pack
Learn more about the SBS and SPIDA Software Integration
Mobile Solutions
Mobile Solutions
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Utility DataHub™ Mobile supports a broad range of requirements related to utility data, design, construction, and operations workflows.

Utility DataHub™ Mobile Staking seamlessly shares geospatially-enabled models between mobile solutions and Automated Utility Design™.

Utility DataHub™ Mobile Mapping enables GIS data to be uploaded to mobile applications for fieldwork then synchronized back to the GIS with updated data.

Utility Datahub™ Mobile’s two-way data sharing makes in-the-field designing, staking, data collecting, and automated structural engineering easier than ever before.

Supported platforms include Esri Field Maps, AutoCAD 360, Critigen Lemur, Trimble, Tri-Global, Partner Software and other commonly used field-based mobile platforms.

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