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SDS-P&C 8.3 Product Release

SBS is pleased to announce the release of the SDS-P&C 8.3 product update this week. Read below to learn more about the top 5 enhancements added to the latest SDS-P&C toolkit. New command – SDS Tool Settings (SDS_SETTINGS) New command... Read More

SBS Announces the Release of Automated Utility Design™ 8.4

July 18, 2022, Littleton, CO. SBS has launched Automated Utility Design (AUD) version 8.4. The newest version provides over 20 new product enhancements as well as resolving several issues from the previous 8.3 version. With the latest enhancements in version... Read More

Substation Design Suite™ Physical for Inventor Version 8.1 is Now Available

Littleton, Colorado June 1, 2022 SDS Physical for Inventor Version 8.1 provides support for Autodesk Inventor 2022 and 2023 as well as database improvements to support centralized data management for IT and CAD administrators.  This new product release also includes... Read More

Check Out the Latest Version of Substation Design Suite™ Protection & Control Version 8.2

May 3, 2022, Littleton, CO. SBS has launched Substation Design Suite Protection & Control (SDS-P&C) version 8.2. New commands and product enhancements have been added to improve usability and flexibility. SDS-P&C extends the power of AutoCAD® Electrical to provide advanced... Read More

SBS Announces the Launch of Substation Design Suite™ Physical for AutoCAD®

Rooted in AutoCAD and Map 3D, our newest product offers access to advanced 3D substation design technology in the familiar AutoCAD environment. Substation Design Suite™ (SDS) Physical for AutoCAD is available in two platforms: AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor. Within AutoCAD, users can enjoy features such as simultaneous 2D and 3D... Read More

We’ve just released Substation Design Suite™  Protection & Control Version 8.1

Substation Design Suite™ Protection & Control (SDS P&C) version 8.1 is now available.  This new release includes over thirty product improvements designed to improve usability, electrical design efficiency, and quality.  SDS P&C extends the power of AutoCAD® Electrical to provide advanced electrical substation... Read More

New Release

SBS is pleased to announce the release of Substation Design Suite™ Protection & Control 8.0!  SBS is ever working to improve and enhance the products you rely on for substation design. This new version includes all the great features you’ve come to... Read More

Enabling Digital Construction (BIM) for Utilities

SBS Expands Utility DataHub™ and Automated Utility Design™ to Enable Digital Construction for Utilities Our mission at SBS is to provide integrated design solutions for utility organizations. Over the last many years, our focus has been all about bridging the... Read More

SBS Announces Utility DataHub™ Design – GIS Version 3.0 

New, advanced support for ArcGIS Utility Network integration with AutoCAD-based Utility Design   March 10, 2021  SBS announces the release of Utility DataHub™ Design – GIS, Version 3.0.  This new version has been primarily focused on continuing to advance support for Esri’s ArcGIS Utility Network integration with AutoCAD and... Read More

SDS P&C Release 7.4.5

Our Substation Design Suite development team has been very busy during the holiday season. We have officially released version 7.4.5 of the Substation Design Suite Protection & Control product this week. This latest release of SDS P&C has a number... Read More