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Intelligent Design for Telecommunications

SBS announces new enhancements to industry-leading AUD infrastructure design application SBS is pleased to announce extensive enhancements to our industry-leading Automated Utility Design (AUD) product to support the needs of telecommunications design professionals.  AUD has had a very successful track record for... Read More

Intelligent Infrastructure Design for Utilities

Justifying Your Intelligent Design System (Part 2 of 3) Dennis F. Beck, PE, President/CEO, SBS In Part 1 of this series we defined the key elements of intelligent design solutions and introduced how they can support improved workflows within utility... Read More

Intelligent Infrastructure Design for Utilities

What is it, and why should I care? (Part 1 of 3) Dennis F. Beck, PE, President/CEO, SBS Achieving effective design of utility infrastructure has always had its challenges. Distribution system design engineers need to make thousands of modifications to... Read More

Intelligent Design for Renewable Energy Systems-Part II

SBS Automated Utility Design™ supports flexible and efficient renewable energy system design and construction for Atwell LLC.  Dennis Beck, President/CEO  Last year we shared a blog post on how Atwell LLC uses our Automated Utility Design (AUD) product solution to... Read More

Conduit Management and Digital Twins: CAD and GIS Working Together

Intelligent infrastructure design works with GIS to model systems for better construction and improved asset management via the use of digital twins.    | Dennis Beck, President/CEO, Spatial Business Systems, Inc. Introduction Our earlier blogpost in August 2021 explained how... Read More

Thanks for Making our 2021 Peer Utility Group a Success!

We had many memorable moments at this year’s virtual conference. We thank each of our presenters for sharing their experiences and expertise. We wouldn’t be able to make this happen without you! We extend a special thank you to our... Read More

GIS, Digital Twins, and the Digital Thread

Solutions for Managing Critical Infrastructure Dennis Beck, President/CEO, SBS Introduction This summer (July 2021) I had the good fortune of being able to deliver a Spotlight presentation for the Esri User Conference. My goal of the presentation was to take... Read More

SPIDAcalc Integration with Automated Utility Design™

SBS Automated Utility Design™ (AUD) supports product-level integration with the SPIDA Software SPIDAcalc product. The integration provides a highly functional, straightforward way to validate AUD designs within SPIDAcalc. The integration is enabled via the analysis module of SBS Utility DataHub™.... Read More

You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

SBS Answers is our one-stop-shop to help you find answers to all your frequently asked questions.   Whether you’re visiting our site for the first time wondering what AUD is, you’re interested in delving into intelligent design and want to see how our products can simplify that integration, or you’re ready to purchase our product and want to find... Read More

Can Integrating Design, Construction, and Grid Data Make a Digital Twin a Reality? [An Energy Central PowerSession]

Learn how existing technologies can be joined together using digital construction to enhance safety, data management, and intelligent designs! In case you missed it, the webinar has been posted and available for all watch. Listen to a panel of experts... Read More