The Fiber Broadband Association is dedicated to accelerating the deployment of fiber broadband networks to ensure every community can leverage the economic and societal benefits only fiber can deliver. 

SBS recognizes that improving access to dependable broadband starts by streamlining design workflows for greater efficiency and scalability. “Our goal is to empower telecom service providers and engineering firms with intelligent design software that enables them to automate time-consuming and repetitive work and accelerate time-to-market,” said Scott Casey, Vice President, Telecom, at SBS. “Joining the FBA will enable us to better collaborate with industry professionals and align our technology innovations with the overarching mission of enhancing connectivity for all,” said Casey.  

Service providers and engineering firms designing broadband and FTTH networks have long grappled with the challenge of duplicating effort while juggling GIS and CAD throughout the deployment cycles. SBS’s intelligent design platform automates tasks, ensures standards compliance, and supports integrated GIS/CAD workflows. Together, these capabilities streamline design, engineering, permitting, and construction-ready packages. This significantly reduces detailed low-level design time, eliminates rework, mitigates budget and schedule risks, and ensures faster time-to-market.  

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