Sustainable Solutions with Real Results

Why is ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) important?

At SBS, we understand the significance of long-term sustainability and societal impact and are dedicated to addressing them through both our software solutions and work practices.

Our commitment to responsible and sustainable operations not only benefits SBS, but also our customers, as it enables all of us to effectively manage risks and capitalize on opportunities for the greater good.

How is SBS helping? 

SBS tools directly create a more efficient and accurate design process while enabling design data to be used in decision-making workflows, including those that are socially impactful.

Standards-based design prioritizes safety and efficiency in construction processes and prevents errors through proper governance and the correct material selection.

These core tenants result in reduced environmental impact from less repeat worksite trip(s), increased sustainability from better materials usage, improved network resilience from calculated and validated design choices and increased social acceptance of design and design practices.

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The use of digital twin-based models promotes the creation of sustainable and resilient infrastructure and enables optimized asset management.

SBS modeling also supports its customers in their efforts to shift towards renewable energy sources and decreases our dependence on hydrocarbons.

We focus on enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of infrastructure design through our products, with a goal of reducing energy consumption and promoting environmental sustainability.

Representation of an Infrastructure Digital Twin



SBS’s innovative software platforms enhance the safety of construction processes by automating routine design tasks and performing thorough design checks. These safeguards help prevent dangerous errors when working with gas, water, and electrical distribution designs.

The geographically located designs created through SBS’s products allow designers to readily assess the placement of facilities in relation to existing homes and infrastructure, allowing the well-being of communities to be part of the design process.

Design checks are also a crucial component in large infrastructure projects to streamline efforts to improve access to energy in underserved areas.

As a socially responsible company, SBS prioritizes the health and wellness of its diverse, remote workforce, utilizing employee benefits to promote physical and mental wellness while also reducing its carbon footprint.


    Design validations are built into our product, which provides a standards-based decision matrix for design. This reduces costly human errors and makes sure that designs are subject to proper governance. Modeling in our product is the start of the creation of digital twins, allowing BIM workflows to pass accurate information to relevant single source(s) of truth in an organization, like asset management or GIS.

    Our design-platform approach allows seamless exchange of information to external systems, which allows design-centric data to be leveraged in corporate level decision workflows.

    SBS products enable CAD and GIS working together. This allows for the safety dimension of BIM (Building Information Modeling).

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