We’re excited to announce the release of SDS-P&C 8.6, packed with practical enhancements tailored for better workflow and efficiency.  
Here are our top 5: 

  1. New: SDS Subproject Tool 

Launch brownfield projects faster by selecting and compiling necessary drawings directly from existing substation SDS-P&C projects. The tool enables manual drawing additions and customized filtering, including by Job/Work Order status, to help you create specific projects from a main Substation project. 

  1. Enhanced: Symbol Marking 

When marking panel layouts and wiring diagrams, related symbols are automatically updated with the Job/WO and Status. Users can also invoke specific markings in associated symbols. Those doing brownfield work can now start their status-marking work from panel-style drawings. 

  1. New: SDS Audit Subfunction 

Check a project for child symbols without associated parent symbols. Ensure data integrity and enhance quality assurance and control efforts. 

  1. Enhanced: Insert Revision Line Tool  

The Insert Rev Line tool now allows users to “wrap around” and replace the oldest revision line when the maximum number of revision lines is reached for the last column. 

  1. Fixed: Filter Out Items Marked as Ref-Only 

Filter out reference-only items in Panel Bill of Material and Panel Component reports to avoid overcounting errors and simplify inventory management. 

Download and Support 

Login to the Support Portal to download SDS-P&C 8.6 or click here. For general inquiries, email us at info@spatialbiz.com.  

Looking for the AUD/P4A 8.5 release blog instead? Click here to read it. 

Your continued support and feedback help improve our products. Thank you!