Substation Design Suite™ 7.4 brings new features and bug fixes for improved functionality.

New Features

SDS — Physical features:

  • SDS will now alert you to using read-only files.
  • When selecting cylindrical surfaces for Round Bus, it will obey bus offsets.
  • Angle Bus will now use overhang parameter.

SDS — Protection & Control features:

  • New “No fan-in” mode to link fanned-in wires back to a stand-alone cable label.
  • Option to add schematic wire layer-specific suffixes to wiring diagram annotation.
  • SHOW WIRES tool for QA’ing elementary/schematic wiring issues.
  • Additional options for DREF cross-reference attribute.
  • New SWAP TERM BLK tool for multiple, in-place schematic H/V swaps.
  • Enhanced TOGGLE SYM tool to also do the above.
  • Multiple data display options for SDS smart tables and for the rollover tool.
  • Easy link added to wire sizing and voltage drop calculator.
  • New support for cable schedule and physical workpoint data set.
  • New command to associate rev cloud or MTEXT or TEXT to a given work-order.

Bug Fixes

SDS — Physical includes: 

  • Bus Offset Tool will offset based on pick sequences.
  • Creating a constraint after creating a ground grid sketch will no longer crash if “Edit Sketch” remains open.
  • Deleting paired cable will no longer show an error.
  • AutoRoute Path on simple straight lines no longer generates an error message.
  • Bill of Material type will now let you select the Parts Only option.
  • Fix to Below Grade Cable to create single .ipt file during creating and editing cable.
  • Start and end points are now in the correct order when placing a “right L” piece of trench.
  • Able to read current and previous LandXML file formats.
  • Inventor will no longer crash when selecting an angle bracket for running a flat lead from surface to surface.
  • Adding ground grid run to an existing grid will now place correctly.
  • Fixed multiple errors related to conduit operation.
  • Lightning Protection fixes:
  • Add Shield Wire with two points will now adhere to the SDS Content Editor materials.
  • Part number, description and materials from SD Content Editor are now applied to newly created parts.
  • Material is now adjusted when using Edit Shield Wiring.
  • Shield wire update now updates connection location if changed.
  • BOM will now report wire length.

SDS — Protection & Control includes:

  • Wild-Card Find/Replace – Project-wide find/replace of RJT attributes on other than active dwg now cleanly maintains displayed location.
  • SDS_DREF will now update summary messaging at end of command run.
  • Changed operation of Change Status for ‘Remove’ when using SDS_EDIT-WIREMODS. This now erases these marked entities instead of moving them to the ‘As-Built’ layer.
  • SDS_WIREMODS will now extract non-blank MFG/CAT/ASSYCODE values into work-order add list report.
  • SDS_SCOOT will now work in AutoCAD Electrical 2018 and above.
  • Fixed an issue with the SDS_ANNOFAN tool that alerts you to a “spares count” too low if using Schematic Cable Fan-In tool. The fan-in symbol will no longer look like a cable marker and add conductors to used count.
  • When using the SDS_ANNO command, little leaders will now insert annotation on very large wiring diagram symbols where the attribute name suffix hits “L#” or “R#” where # = digit.
  • SDS_REFONLY, WIRE SEQUENCE – Marking REFONLY will no longer blank out any wiring sequence assignment held on the picked black instance.