Next-Generation Substation Design Tools Now Available for the Global Utility Industry

October 4, 2016

Kansas City, MO – Spatial Business Systems (SBS) announces the general availability of the Substation Design Suite family of products at the SDS Consortium in Kansas City, ( The Substation Design Suite is a next generation release of the Autodesk Substation Design products, formerly known as Autodesk® Substation Design for Inventor® and Autodesk® Substation Design for Electrical. SBS is responsible for future development, support and licensing of these products as part of a strategic alliance between SBS and Autodesk

The Substation Design Suite is a powerful, comprehensive set of tools that support the design, construction and management of electrical substations. The products allow substation engineers to efficiently reduce their manual design efforts while supporting the business requirements necessary to build advanced electrical models. Substation Design is a configurable technology that provides extensive tools to support the design process. The products also support the Substation Content Library, which is being hosted by SBS, and is available to users working within the Substation Design Suite. The Substation Design Content Library removes significant modeling time associated with building 3D substation models, greatly reducing the overall time necessary to go from concept to completed design. More information can be found at

Joining SBS are a key set of respected industry experts who represent decades of experience in the substation design industry. This team will be working within SBS to incorporate new enhancements to address the continued needs of the industry, including the addition of advanced design validation, the implementation of additional calculation tools and a continued initiative to expand the Substation Design Content Library. The Substation Design Suite will also be enabled to more closely integrate with the SBS Utility DataHub™ suite of utility integration products.

“We are excited about the opportunities we have to revolutionize the way electric substations are deployed around the world”, said Trevor Scullion, Director of Substation Solutions at SBS. “Working with SBS will accelerate adoption of the Substation Design Suite products and allow us to continue our growth as the world’s leading provider of solutions for the design and construction of electric substations”

Substation Design Suite is available immediately. Further information can be found by contacting Spatial Business Systems, info@spatialbiz.comm.