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Autodesk API & Custom Code – Just Do It (Visual Studio Version)

The biggest obstacle to learning technology is fear. Well, there really is nothing to fear except for fear itself … and messing up your system!... Read More

Information is POWER

Idaho Falls Power uses SBS Utility DataHub™ – Analysis Interface to power their load flow analysis tools... Read More

Latest SBS Staff Member to be Awarded FME® Accreditation from Safe Software

Lakewood, CO: As a Safe Software Gold VAR Partner SBS has been committed to deliver exceptional consulting services and training for FME products.... Read More

Happy 500th – Top Things to Consider When Getting Data Out of Smallworld GIS

Our company, Spatial Business Systems, recently hit a milestone of having placed our 500th license of the SpatialBiz Plug-In for FME (also called the “Smallworld Plug-In for FME”) in production with a client of ours.... Read More

AutoCAD® Utility Design: Work Location Feature – Callout and Categorize Material Status

This post is to inform how to configure the core AUD capabilities to callout and categorize material internal status (e.g. install/removal) at each work location.... Read More

GPS and Design Integrated by Utility DataHub – Mobile Trimble Solution

SBS has partnered with Tri-Global Technologies, LLC to bring mobile device functionality to the Utility DataHub™ suite of integration tools.... Read More

What Can Utility GIS Leaders Learn from the San Bruno Explosion?

On September 9, 2010 a 30–inch diameter natural gas pipeline owned by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) exploded in a quiet neighborhood in San Bruno, California, killing eight people and destroying 38 homes.... Read More

Detailed Material Generation for Combinations of Features in AUD

Fort Pierce Utilities Authority has a comprehensive material library they use in design, which gives them costing estimates down to the bolt.... Read More