Substation Design Suite™ (SDS) Physical and Protection & Control 7.4.1 Now Available

Substation Design Suite 7.4.1 is now available to our users as part of our commitment to continually improve SDS with new features and performance improvements.

Updated Substation Design Suite Installers

We now have one SDS Physical and one SDS Protection & Control installer. This is in response to customer requests to simplify the installation process. SDS users will no longer have to scroll through multiple installers to find the correct installer for your Autodesk version of Inventor or AutoCAD Electrical 2017 to 2020. If you have multiple versions of these Autodesk products on your computer, the single installer will work for all of them.

Substation Design Suite Physical Update

We’ve made performance improvements to the getting started assembly tree and corrected an issue with the ground
lead crashing if the tap is not selected.

Substation Design Suite Protection & Control Update

We have new options for selective child symbol update mode after editing the parent component. This is great for
selectively updating child I/O on complex protective relays. The Connection wiring diagram annotation overrides now
enable a different annotation format to be assigned to the internal versus external wiring side of terminal strips or
devices. With Battery Bank reporting, you can assign battery bank number and KW load values to schematic and/or
connection wiring diagram representations, enabling instant summaries and an optional detailed report. We have also
incorporated a enhanced “Show Wires” tool now that has an option to graphically display wire number tag and its linked
wire segments. This is great for trouble shooting wire tag to wire segment relationship issues on copied elementary
schematic circuitry.

New and Improved License Manager

SDS has moved away from to the secure Customers will
now only have to open * on their firewall and will have access to all of our sites. With this new license
manager, customers organization administrators will soon be able to have insight into their license usage.