Our Substation Design Suite development team has been very busy during the holiday season. We have officially released version 7.4.5 of the Substation Design Suite Protection & Control product this week. This latest release of SDS P&C has a number of improvements that allow for increased efficiency in the create of substation protection and control designs. Here is a highlight of the top 3 new features included:

  1. Automated Cable Fan-In Tool | The new SDS_AUTOFAN tool allows users to automate the formerly tedious process of creating cable fan-in labels on wiring diagrams. What used to take hours, or even days, can now be accomplished in a matter of seconds using the Project Wide option of the SDS_AUTOFAN tool. (Drawing Wide and Pick options are also available.) Cable fan-ins are inserted intelligently and cleanly, automatically making on-the-fly adjustments when lines overlap or cable labels get too close to each other to keep designs neat and tidy.
  2. Job/Work-Order Tool | The new and improved Job/Work-Order tool gives users the power to manage change orders and other projects on their completed substation projects from start to finish. Mark any component, whether an intelligent block or dumb text and just about everything in between, with the appropriate Job/WO number and status. Keep track of every marked or unmarked entity on any Job/WO on all the drawings in the project with a single click. Print up-to-date wiring diagrams that show how these changes impact annotation. When it’s time to close out a Job/WO, use powerful utilities like Reassign, Rename, Erase, and Normalize that accurately reflects the current state of the substation.
  3. Automated Revcloud & Hatch Tool | Part of the revamped Job/Work-Order tool, the Revcloud feature will automate the insertion of custom revision clouds and hatches for any combination of Job/WO and status. Users can even put revision clouds on annotation attributes on wiring diagrams that have been impacted by project changes (Project Wide mode only). Just like the automated fan-in tool, the automated revision cloud tool can do in a matter of seconds what used to take hours, and even days, to accomplish.

The release is now available on our support site for our P&C customers to download.

If you are interested in learning more please contact Info@spatialbiz.comm.