SBS is pleased to announce the release of the SDS-P&C 8.3.1 product update this week. Read below to learn more about the top 3 enhancements added to the latest SDS-P&C toolkit. 

NEW: MicroStation Replace Block Tool 

  • To assist those users that are converting from MicroStation to regular AutoCAD or AutoCAD-Electrical and SDS-P&C, we’ve developed a tool that works on existing MicroStation (or other) block instances that have incremented names, such as Fuse-1, Fuse-2, and so on. Our new tool works to consolidate these blocks into one name (which could be an ACAD block or an ACADE block). So, in the previous example, all blocks could be consolidated into one block such as “Fuse” or maybe “HFU11_FUSE” if using ACADE + SDS-P&C. 

Selective Component Update Dialog Suppression 

  • We’ve added a Filter button to the post-“Edit Component” dialog (“Update Child Mode: Normal or Selective?” dialog) to have it only come up for selected family codes. This will provide control over Edit Component Update Modes to help streamline user workflows and result in faster designs. 

Workpoints Enhancement for the SDS_ROLLOVER Tool 

  • To assist our users in verifying cable distances on station plan views, we’ve enhanced the SDS Rollover tool when hovering over SDS workpoints so that the pop-up rollover display now shows total orthogonal distances between it and other connected workpoints to it. 

SBS is always seeking to improve its products and hopes this latest version will help improve the accuracy, efficiency, and production of our client’s projects. Please reach out to to learn more about this new release or if you have any questions. For further information on this update see the official release notes.  

Click here to download the newest version of SDS-P&C 8.3.1 Thank you for your continued support.