New, advanced support for ArcGIS Utility Network integration with AutoCAD-based Utility Design  

March 10, 2021 

SBS announces the release of Utility DataHub™ Design – GIS, Version 3.0.  This new version has been primarily focused on continuing to advance support for Esri’s ArcGIS Utility Network integration with AutoCAD and SBS Automated Utility Design™ (AUD).  As Esri continues to invest in the advancement of Utility Network, SBS leads the effort to provide world-class, configurable integration between these CAD and GIS platforms. 

Version 3.0 provides the following enhancements: 

  • Dual mode support for ArcGIS Geometric and Utility Network.  This feature facilitates a phased, low-risk approach for data migration.  This is particularly valuable for organizations that want to implement Utility Network in a phased manner where the existing ArcGIS system can remain in production until the organizational migration is complete.   
  • Support for Utility Network Version 4 including non-spatial objects (editing and tracing).  To model and work with large numbers of real-world assets that share a common geographical space, Esri introduced non-spatial junction and edge objects.  This is typically beneficial for underground electric design and telecommunications network design. 
  • Support for mixed-fidelity Utility Network configurations.  Utility DataHub™ now supports both high-fidelity and low-fidelity representations of assets in Utility Network (including a mixed configuration)Such flexibility allows utilities to upgrade the configuration of Utility Network while maintaining the design process and existing integrations via Utility DataHub™. 
  • Enhanced data validation to support Esri Utility Network rules.  Utility DataHub™ provides integration with Utility Network rules, ensuring data integrity in the exchange of network information in design workflows leveraging Autodesk AutoCAD® and SBS Automated Utility Design tools.     
  • Enhanced Utility DataHub™ Model MapperThis configurable graphic tool for mapping of CAD and GIS models to enable bi-directional data exchange has been enhanced to improve usability and to support enhancements for non-spatial object types in Utility Network Version 4.   
  • Support for data integration of substations and distribution designs with Utility Network. This enhancement specifically addresses the exchange of utility asset data between ArcGIS and AutoCAD-based design with AUD.   

About Utility DataHub™ 

Utility DataHub™ (UDH) is a suite of configurable software products developed by SBS to integrate utility enterprise systems with end-to-end design workflows.  Historically, utilities have developed custom, point-to-point interfaces for design data that are often costly and complex to maintain. Utility DataHub™ provides a maintainable, product-based approach to address these design workflows in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 

About SBS 

SBS provides software and service solutions that help infrastructure owners and engineering firms maximize their investment in CAD, GIS, and other information systems. 

The company has helped over one hundred utility, telecommunications, and government organizations streamline their business processes and reduce costs through their innovative product offerings:  Automated Utility Design, Substation Design Suite™, and Utility DataHub.  With offices in Denver, Colorado and Melbourne, Australia, SBS provides expert-level consulting skills and extensive experience in working with integrated design solutions and the unique engineering aspects of modeling networked infrastructure environments.