Enhanced module for Utility DataHub™ adds several new features

Spatial Business Systems (SBS), SPIDA®Software (SPIDA) and Nashville Electric Service (NES) have recently completed a teaming effort to enhance the Automated Utility Design™ (AUD) SPIDA®Calc interface. By working collaboratively with NES, the existing interface has been enhanced to reduce complexity while adding several new features to improve the operational and technical viability.

NES dedicated real-world utility subject-matter-expertise while SBS and SPIDA provided domain and technical knowledge. As the developer of the Partner Software Staking – SPIDACalc interface, SBS and SPIDA continually collaborate to resolve the complex issue of maintaining engineering values in two systems, as well as tracking complex configurations that need to be available to both systems. Examples of the complex configurations include the detailed tracking of multiple guy wires on a single anchor, as well as multiple guys attached to a single pole.
Some of the features in the new release include:

New Functionality:

  • Support for multiple takeoff locations
  • Ability to open SPIDACalc reports from within AUD
  • Ability to ignore specified locations in SPIDACalc analysis
  • Assembly validations
    • Ensure AUD design compatibility with SPIDACalc framings
    • Display locations with validation errors on export to SPIDACalc
    • Locations without errors can still be analyzed
  • Uses Windows Installer
    • Quick, simple installation program guides the installation process
    • Easily install, repair, or uninstall
    • Integrates with the Windows Control Panel
    • Default installation directories can be used in most cases
    • Integration-related directories are created automatically


  • Fully updated for AUD 7 and 7.1
  • Simple and straightforward AUD configuration to add integration-specific fields, rules and styles
    • No manual input necessary to map AUD facilities to SPIDACalc objects once one-time AUD configuration is complete
  • Guy and anchor functionality
    • Major overhaul in guy and anchor support
    • Support for complicated multiple guy and anchor scenarios
    • Lead length and rotation angle automatically sent to SPIDACalc
  • Settings dialog has been simplified and categorized for ease of use
    • Easily modify default load cases, report format, etc.
  • SPIDACalc projects and reports are saved automatically to fully automate the analysis
  • Improved handling of secondary and service conductors
  • Pole FIDs used for repeatability instead of generating a new export ID every time the same location is exported
  • AUD ribbon and button enhancements
  • All result data is now imported into AUD
  • Option to analyze open SPIDACalc project (including any changes made within SPIDACalc) and bring the results back into AUD

The upgraded SPIDACalc interface is part of SBS’ commitment to provide product-level enhancements for users of Utility DataHub™ suite of integration modules. SBS will continue to coordinate with our customers and SPIDA to ensure the SPIDACALC-AUD interface addresses the needs of the utility industry. For more information about the interface contact Pat Reid at pat.reid@spatialbiz.comm.

Nashville Electric Service:

Nashville Electric Service is one of the 12 largest public electric utilities in the nation, distributing energy to over 380,000 customers in Middle Tennessee. Since 1939, they have been committed to providing safe and reliable power in a financially responsible way.


SPIDA Software provides utility companies and their contractors a comprehensive, integrated suite of products developed to manage their network of overhead T&D assets. Built on technical expertise derived from strong credentials in the engineering and utility industry, SPIDA’s Structure Management System is a single platform to collect, track, analyze, store and retrieve the physical characteristics of overhead T&D assets.