New Looping Feature Provides More Flexibility for Rules-Based Design

AUD 8.1 brings improved stability and over 20 new product enhancements. For example, the AUD rules engine now has a looping feature that simplifies the process for performing advanced functions in AUD. AUD looping streamlines the creation of iterative rules that can be used to support such things as specialized design calculations and more elaborate engineering analysis.

AUD is being extensively enhanced to support additional 3D capabilities.  These enhancements support both distribution design as well as substation physical design per SBS’ recent announcement of AUD for Substations at Autodesk University, November 2019.  AUD now supports direct 3D editing and digitizing for points and lines.  This enables such things as placement of flexible and rigid bus conductors.  Improvements to 3D viewing and clearance checking are also provided.

We continue to listen to feedback and ideas from our SBS Peer Utility Group. Please consider submitting your thoughts and ideas by joining the Peer Utility Group.

For additional information on Automated Utility Design please contact Stefen Dobrec, stefen.dobrec@spatialbiz.comm.