We had many memorable moments at this year’s virtual conference. We thank each of our presenters for sharing their experiences and expertise. We wouldn’t be able to make this happen without you!

We extend a special thank you to our customers at Southern California Edison, Energy Queensland, Hydro One, Central Hudson, and Atwell LLC for presenting. Their organizations have been actively involved in transforming their businesses through modernizing their design workflows.
The conference started with Dennis Beck, President of SBS, providing an update on the latest happenings at the company. Reflecting over the five years since SBS acquired Autodesk’s line of utility design solutions, Beck noted that there have been over 500 product enhancements with a strong commitment to continue the company’s R&D efforts in the areas of digital twin support and enablement of advanced applications such as BIM and digital construction. He also announced that starting in November 2021, SDS Physical for AutoCAD (formerly AUD for Substations) will be generally available.Just to recap some of the highlights of the conference:
· Insightful training workshops. SBS customers shared best practices in training their user community and helping them adapt to intelligent design solutions.
· A presentation on the ability of Automated Utility Design™ (AUD) to track usage information to support business analytics. Attendees learned how this data can be used to improve overall business performance, ranging from design efficiency improvements to leveraging BIM and advanced asset management.
· The growing presence of SBS engineering firm customers. Attendees were able to learn how design firms are using AUD to support the utility design and construction ecosystem and collaboratively work with their utility customers to improve design quality and workflows.
· An SBS project delivery update. SBS actively manages about 40 projects at any given time, and a few of these projects were highlighted. This also included an update on SBS delivery methodologies and the recent improvements that have been made to streamline implementation.
· The latest updates on what SBS is doing with GIS integration, particularly with regard to Esri’s Utility Network. Dennis Beck and Andy Street also presented the SpatialBiz FME Plug-in for ArcGIS Utility Network, which is a new, streamlined way to migrate and/or synchronize information with Utility Network.
· Emphasis on mobile integration as part of our intelligent design solution workflows. Serguei Sokolov’s mobile solutions update showed the new work SBS has been doing to support as-built workflows to ensure they can be incorporated into GIS and other systems in a timelier manner.
Select presentations are available online for viewing. Please contact info@spatialbiz.com if you would like to view some of these sessions.