The SDSIC Fall Conference is finally here with this year’s event being streamed virtually. Join us as we learn together across two days of presentations on November 1st and 2nd.  

Annual conferences are an integral part of the Substation Design Solution Industry Consortium These conferences provide members the opportunity to learn from fellow substation designers, view Substation Design Suite™ product demos and announcements, and learn the latest from the vendor community.  
Further details can be found on the official SDSIC conference page here-  
SBS and the SDS Industry Consortium  
Since its inception in 2013, SBS has supported the SDSIC’s mission, leveraging its extensive knowledge in intelligent substation design to aid those investigating technologies that will improve their workflows. Although we do not manage the conference, we aim to contribute to the collaborative environment it nurtures year after year. The consortium is a robust network of member utilities and contract/design firms, all unified with a common goal – to enhance the design, engineering, field construction, operation, and maintenance of utility projects. 

Our presence at the SDSIC conference underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of substation design innovation. It also reflects our enduring partnership with the consortium, aimed at driving industry standards higher. 

Join us at the conference to explore the latest in substation design solutions and to be part of a community dedicated to advancing the utility sector. Together, let’s create a future where technology and collaboration drive the next wave of utility infrastructure excellence.