This open enrollment training is priced per student and is a cost-effective alternative to our group training offerings that cover the same material. Availability is limited and spaces fill up fast, so hurry and book your spot today!

Course cost, descriptions and requirements are below. If you would like to register for this course or have any questions, please contact Jared Yates at jared.yates@spatialbiz.comm or Register Here!

Course Cost: $1,495 USD per student

COURSE SCHEDULE: June 8-11 (4-hour sessions each day) June 15-18 (4-hour sessions each day)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Remote instructor-led web environment consisting of up to 32 hours of training for one (1) attendee. Course participation will be limited to no more than eight (8) students. Training will be provided in daily 4-hour web training sessions over a two-week period. The training covers the topics below:

Remote Web Training Sessions 1-4:

Basic Inventor Topics as required for SDS Physical Design Training

Remote Web Training Sessions 5-8:

Strategic Modeling and Working with Large Assemblies

Remote Web Training Sessions 9-12:

Introduction to Substation Design Suite™ Physical Design, Above Grade Tools (Cable runs, Bus runs, Lightning Protection) and Below Grade Tools (Grounding, Trenching, Conduit)

Remote Web Training Sessions 13-16:

Advanced Substation Design Suite™ Physical Design, Substation Design Content Editor, Design Checks and Substation Output

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: A minimum of four (4) students are required to conduct this course. If the minimum required attendees are not met two (2) weeks prior to the course start date the course will be canceled and the customer or registered attendee will be notified.

SOFTWARE PREREQUISITES: Autodesk Inventor or Inventor Professional Software and the Substation Design Suite™ Physical Design plug-in.

HARDWARE PREREQUISITES: The SDS Physical Design plug-in requires the same hardware specifications as Autodesk Inventor. Autodesk Inventor hardware specifications are shown at the following webpage:

In addition to the list above, 32 GB of RAM (memory) and a Solid-State disk drive is recommended.

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