After you add a Pole in the AutoCAD Utility Design (AUD) environment it is very easy to add most attachments using the tool bars and Design Explorer Pole Heads are one exception to this, they cannot be added using these tools. The command you need is AUDADDTOPOLE. Here is how it works:

  2. Type F for Feature
  3. Choose Pole Head
  4. Choose Model Name
  5. Select the Pole Head to use and click OK
  6. Click Back
  7. Click Back
  8. At the command line type X for exit
  9. Select the pole(s) you want to attach to, press enter
  10. Press enter again to end the command

A little convoluted but it works great! Still working on how to get the conductors to connect and will post as soon as I do. As you can see this tool can be used for all kinds of other attachments as well.