SBS is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Peak Rock Capital to take SBS to the next level of growth in the world of design for utility and critical infrastructure organizations.

Peak Rock is a leading private investment firm based in Austin, Texas that shares our core values of innovation, flexibility and a passion for customer service.  The firm has a long track record of successfully supporting companies of our size and stage through multiple phases of growth.

Thanks in large part to our team’s hard work and dedication, SBS has been growing at a rapid pace over the last many years.  We have established many great customer relationships and industry partnerships and we continue to experience more and more demand for our solutions as the world invests in cleaner energy and more modern and reliable networked infrastructure. 

Why are we partnering with Peak Rock Capital?

Our partnership with Peak Rock will ensure that SBS has the capital and expertise necessary to support our continued growth, both domestically and internationally.  Peak Rock’s experienced team offers a wealth of knowledge and seasoned leadership that will help us expand our organization, deepen our industry foothold, and grow the breadth of our product offerings. 

As always, our primary focus will continue to be on serving our customers with the industry-leading intelligent design solutions they trust us to deliver. We will also continue to invest in the latest innovations in CAD, GIS, cloud and integration to ensure our customers benefit from the newest technologies. There are many exciting developments in the areas of digital twins, BIM and asset management that are fundamentally aligned with our solutions and we are excited to continue our industry leadership in these areas. 

As always, we will continue to share our progress on the goals we’ve set forth as an organization, and we look forward to the bright future ahead for SBS and all our colleagues. 

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