Whether you joined us in person or online, we hope you enjoyed this year’s conference. We thank each of our presenters for sharing their experiences and expertise. We wouldn’t be able to make this happen without you! 

Many of the speakers shared how their organizations have been actively involved in transforming their businesses through industry leading intelligent design products.  

A few of the highlights shared from presenters include how one organization has delivered approximately 120 configuration items and completed nearly 65,000 designs since January 2021. Another speaker shared how their organization has reduced design time by 11-40% and will save three to six million dollars per year. Lastly, another organization shared how they use SBS products to help design the distribution network responsible for providing electricity to almost 1.4 million residential and business customers. 

Please visit the SBS YouTube Channel to access the recordings if you missed the conference or would simply like to review the presentations. If you have further questions, please contact us at info@spatialbiz.com.