SpatialBiz Plug-in

SpatialBiz Plug-in

The SpatialBiz Plug-in for FME is a high performance interface between GE Smallworld and Safe Software’s FME tool for spatial data. With functionality to integrate GE Smallworld with the FME product suite and full control of spatial data translation the SpatialBiz Plug-in for FME allows users to open the Smallworld system to the enterprise.



  • Rapidly translates Smallworld data to over 200 spatial data formats
  • Allows access to Smallworld data from FME tools
  • Data translation solution supports bulk retrieval of Smallworld data
  • Fully aligned with FME product directions



  • Access easy-to-use FME Workbench
  • Reduces custom integration expenses for spatial data translation projects
  • Allows organizations to exploit Smallworld data for a wide variety of applications
  • Mobile computing, Analysis tools and third party applications
  • Flexibility to add new applications quicker

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