Utility DataHub™ — Design to Cloud

Utility DataHub™ — Design to Cloud

Integrate your AutoCAD® designs with SAP, IBM Maximo, and other Work and Asset Management systems





Utility DataHub™ - Design to Cloud

SBS Utility DataHub™ (UDH) enables utility and engineering companies to streamline their design processes and workflows by integrating AutoCAD® based design tools with enterprise systems.

This module of UDH suite installs as a plug-in for AutoCAD.

In order to for us to provide a trial license, please complete the contact information requested.

Once your contact information has been received, you will receive instructions on how to link Autodesk Construction Cloud to Utility DataHub™ Design to Cloud.

For a faster response, please use your corporate email address.
The trial version contains the following features:
  • Uses the work order data to set the design file name, create project folders, and update DWG properties.  
  • Integrates seamlessly with Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) (BIM360® Docs).
  • Automatically creates design project folders in the Project Files.  
  • Interacts with BIM360 to upload and/or open designs directly from the linked BIM360 Docs project folders (while checking for a DWG version).  

Example Configuration of a role based security model (administrator or user).

No setup is required by AutoCAD users

Installation includes samples of work orders that can be configured to reflect structure of a typical work order. Administrators downloading the app will be requested to enable the UDH app integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud site and grant access to users. This UDH Design to Cloud plugin is fully configurable to enable seamless integration of your AutoCAD design process with Autodesk Construction Cloud in the enterprise workflow. 

Once you install the UDH plugin for AutoCAD, the workflow is quite straightforward. 

A job is assigned to a designer (a work order is created in EAM/WMS). The designer can view the list of assigned work orders in the Work Order Browser. When the design is linked to the work order, UDH connects to Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), creates the appropriate folders, and uploads the DWG drawing into the ACC repository as shown in the screenshots:

Once uploaded, the design can be viewed in the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Document Management repository:

UDH plugin for AutoCAD allows you to create versions and track file activities in the ACC repository as shown in the diagrams:

These are just a few examples of flexible configuration capabilities of the UDH.  

You may use this UDH plugin to configure a role-based security in AutoCAD. For example, in this trial version SBS has configured two basic roles: Administrator and User. Each role has different access privileges to execute AutoCAD commands: 

Administrator Privileges: 

  • View the settings tab within the UDH Palette Set 
  • See the Work Order Refresh option in the UDH Work Management Sub menu 
  • See the UDH Settings  option in the UDH Work Management Sub menu 
  • Run the AutoCAD DWGPROPS command 
  • View the Circles option on the AutoCAD home tab  

User Privileges: 

  • See the Polyline option on the AutoCAD home tab 
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