Utility Content for Substation Design Suite

LAKEWOOD, CO —SBS announces the release of Utility Content for Substation Design Suite™ (SDS). The announcement was made at the Substation Design Solution Industry Consortium (SDSIC) Spring meeting in Alexandria, LA. This follows the SBS 2017 beta program that tested Content Configurators and included a limited availability release of Utility Content. The predecessor site, Substation3D.com, has since been decommissioned.

SBS also announced that all SDS subscription customers will have full access to Utility Content until 2020 at no additional charge. SDS Product Manager, Jack Hopson said during the announcement, “We want to give all of our customers the ability to succeed; and providing full access to Utility Content will help our customers in their continued effort to efficiently build advanced substation models.”

What is Utility Content?

Utility Content is a secure, growing, online library of nearly 10,000 substation components that includes Content Configurators for commonly used substation models. Users of the SDS design tools can accurately and efficiently create 3D designs of electric substations using these components.

What are Content Configurators?

Content Configurators are tools that reside inside Utility Content. There are currently 14 Content Configurators that can be used to model commonly used substation components. Users can dynamically change models through parametric menus, allowing SDS users to rapidly create new substation components for both standard and custom configurations.