Latest release provides enhancements to Layout Tools, Overhead Analysis and Underground Modeling

AUD 8.2 is now available! We have been listening and made significant enhancements based on customer feedback. Among the many enhancements, we have improved the layout tools, overhead analysis, and underground modeling.

Layout Tools

The layout tools now allow auto path routing and split offset options for digitizing. The split offset option for point placement will automatically split and reroutes lines to new equipment. The layout tools also have a new optional drop-down menu in the ribbon control. This will give you an option to show placement buttons directly in the default panel.

Overhead Analysis

Many of the overhead analysis and modeling enhancements include sag analysis that now tracks and organizes the results by ruling span sets, allowing for ruling span based reporting, validation and custom analysis through rules. Overhead wire features can now be configured with models and used for analysis and now you can use new general purpose objects to model detailed equipment.

Underground Modeling

Underground modeling now has dynamic parameterized ports for trench and underground line offsets with duct and port assignments of contained lines.

This is just a few of the enhancements in AUD 8.2. If you want to know more, SBS will be hosting a webinar on what is new in AUD 8.2 to talk about these enhancements and more!

Automated Utility Design (AUD) 8.2 Product Showcase

When: Thursday, July 30, 2020 11:00a.m. – 12:00p.m. CST

Register @

For additional information on Automated Utility Design (AUD) please contact Stefen Dobrec, stefen.dobrec@spatialbiz.comm.