Kansas City Power and Light to host 3rd Annual PUG Conference

August 23, 2016

Lakewood, CO – Kansas City Power and Light will be hosting the 3rd Annual Peer User Group (PUG) Conference September 7th – 9th. The PUG Conference is a uniquely collaborative event for small to midsize utilities. Its format encourages discussion and communication between utilities from many different regions, increasing the variety of solutions to common problems that utilities face. Previous PUG Conferences have proven the importance of open discussion forums and back-and-forth with industry leaders in a close, conversational setting.

This year’s conference will feature a number of sessions focusing on a variety of topics related to AutoCAD® Utility Design. Other sessions will focus on various topics, including Mobile Solutions, Platform Integration, Fiber Mapping, and others. The conference’s size and flexible scheduling leaves space for attendees to adjust the agenda and discuss their needs. The third day of the conference will allow attendees the opportunity to meet one-on-one with industry professionals and pick their brains on solutions and best practices. “We’re excited for this year’s conference”, says Pat Reid, of SBS. “We have some great sessions planned, and are optimistic that all attendees will find the conference very beneficial”.