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SBS has been selected by Autodesk, the world’s leading provider of design software, to be their Consulting System Integrator Partner for the utility industry. The training provided by SBS enables  customers to get the most out of their AUD investments.

Automated Utility Design™ (AUD) QuickStart

The AUD QuickStart by Spatial Business Systems delivers a valuable complete package to get you on the road faster. The AUD QuickStart is a focused set training, workshops and consulting expertise that helps organizations improve the way they manage their networks. The QuickStart helps clients provide a safer, more reliable system while improving responsiveness to new customer service requests.

Overview of the AUD QuickStart

The AUD QuickStart consists of the following services:

  • Support for proper installation of the AUD software
  • A one day onsite training course for users, and potential users to cover basic concepts as well as advanced topics to create electric designs with AUD
  • A second day instructor-led course to teach admin and master users how to configure and support the AUD software
  • A third day option focused on the road ahead. Onsite consulting workshop to evaluate current processes and improve workflows


In addition to the above services, SBS provides a delivery roadmap and professional post training consulting guidance for your specific needs.

Peer Utility Group AUD User Training

This is set up as a day-long instructor led course based on out-of-the-box product. This is aimed at people who will be the day-by-day users of the software. It presumes that the software will be configured, but that the configuration will be similar to the out-of-the-box RUS configuration. The agenda includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Concepts
  • Lesson 2: Data import
  • Lesson 3: Underground basics
  • Lesson 4: Overhead basics
  • Lesson 5: Analysis basics
  • Lesson 6: Material ordering basics
  • Lesson 7: Layout tips & tricks
  • Lesson 8: Advanced overhead
  • Lesson 9: Resolving analysis issues
  • Lesson 10: Editing the Material Order
  • Lesson 11: Creating staking sheets

Peer Utility Group AUD Configuration Training

This is also designed as a day-long instructor led course using the AUD core product. This is aimed at whoever plans to create and maintain an AUD configuration. It also assumes that this is a basic configuration starting from the out-of-the box RUS configuration (they don't have to be following the RUS standard, but the existing configuration serves as a good starting point). It has the following agenda:

  • Lesson 1: Configuration overview
  • Lesson 2: Configuring Domains
  • Lesson 3: Configuring Industry Models
  • Lesson 4: Configuring the Material Catalog
  • Lesson 5: Configuring custom attributes
  • Lesson 6: Introduction to configuring rules
  • Lesson 7: Configuring the Details library

Peer Utility Group Implementing AUD (Option)

The third day, an added value option, is essential for organizations to identify new opportunities with AUD and is tailored for specific needs, questions, and interests.


During this customer focused day, SBS will work with customers to develop an implementation road map and evaluate processes.

  • Review customer’s existing:
    • Design workflow process
    • Drafting and design practices
    • Engineering standards
    • Symbology
    • Material ordering processes
    • Reporting practices
    • Construction standards
  • Evaluate trade-offs between changes to the Customer’s specific AUD RUS Configuration verses changes to the Customer’s business practices.
  • Define integration points as well as any additional functionality not provided with the core AUD software.

What will the AUD QuickStart do for your organization?

The AUD QuickStart allows organizations to improve the way they engineer and manage their physical networks. Better engineering leads to improved reliability and safety as well as reduced operating costs. While the services are based on Automated Utility Design the things that are learned will help any utility improve the way they operate their distribution networks.

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Experience. Knowledge. Accelerated. AUD Training from SBS

Experience. Knowledge. Accelerated. AUD Training from SBS

Automated Utility Design (AUD) QuickStart