Utility DataHub™

Utility DataHub™ is a consolidated set of product offerings that are available in a single shopping cart.


This consolidation encapsulates the core idea of our business, which is to integrate core utility workflows into streamlined, efficient business processes in a cost-effective manner.


SBS consulting experts leverage the power of our Utility DataHub™ product solutions to deliver results that will enable you to reach key objectives for your utility organization.





Utility DataHub Design Integration Utility DataHub Analysis Integration Utility DataHub Mobile Solutions Utility DataHub NetMaps

Design Integration

The Utility DataHub™ design integration enables organizations to utilize data from excising software investments. Not only does the design integration optimize excising technology but ultimately reduces costs.


Key features of the design integration include:


  • Work Order Data Retrieval
  • Mobile Data Import & Export
  • Geo Coding Capabilities
  • Material Management & Financial System  Integration
  • Full GIS Connectivity
Utility DataHub Design Integration

Utility DataHub Material Management Integration Material Management

  • Retrieve material data from a Material Management or Financing system
  • Send material data back to the Work Management system for cost estimations and material generation for warehousing

Utility DataHub Mobile Integration Mobile Import & Export

  • Send geospatial design data to mobile device for staking, field design or validation
  • Retrieve geospatial design data from mobile device
  • Import entire job or specific assets
  • Generate new features in AUD or update existing features

Utility DataHub GIS Integration GIS DataHub

  • Retrieve and send spatial data from/to a GIS system
  • Convert GIS data into AUD smart features

Utility DataHub Work Order Integration Work Order

  • Retrieve work orders from your Work Management System
  • Display all relevant information for the design
  • Link work order to drawing files
  • Store information for title block generation
  • Refresh drawing file with updated changes from your Work Management system
  • Unlink from current work order and link to another work order

Utility DataHub Geo Coding Geo Coding

  • Geo Coding capabilities, set location of the work order to the drawing
  • Retrieve location from the Work Management system or manually
  • Import background data to the work order

Mobile Solutions

Through our partnership with Tri-Global Technologies, LLC and our strategic alliance with Partner Software we have brought mobile device functionality to the Utility DataHub™ suite of integration tools.


UDH – Mobile Staking seamlessly shares geospatially-enabled models between the Tri-Global Trimble based mobile solution and AutoCAD® Utility Design (AUD).


UDH – Mobile Mapping enables GIS data to be uploaded to the Partner mobile app for field work, which is then synced back to the GIS with updated data.


UDH – Mobile's  two-way data sharing makes in-the-field design, staking, data collection, and automated structural engineering easier than ever before.


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Utility DataHub Mobile Integration
OMS integration, GIS Integration, Staking Integration, Milsoft Integration

The analysis package allows integration between GIS, Design, Staking and Analysis systems for greater connectivity and more powerful data.




NetMaps allows users of Map-3D based tools to maximize their use of open source mapping and imagery data. NetMaps improves the Autodesk Geomap ability by adding the additional capabilities of:


  • Geo Coding
  • Saving imagery with design
  • Use of multiple open source mapping imagery
  • Opacity of imagery for crisper design sheets
  • GE Smallworld version available (Click Here to request more information)

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