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SBS provides powerful software products that help better utilize spatial and design data in business processes.

SpatialBiz Plug-in


SWConnector FDO Edition

SpatialBiz Plug-in Smallworld Connector, API for GE Smallworld SWConnector FDO Edition, Autodesk to Smallworld Integration


OSpatial Plug-in

Thematic Viewer

SWService, Smallworld server based applications management, Windows Service wrapper OSpatial Plug-in, Oracle Integration Server for Smallworld Thematic Viewer, Smallworld GIS



Pictometry for Smallworld

SWSunc, Synchronization between GE’s Smallworld GIS and Oracle databases SBS Strategic Asset Manager Pictometry Image Extension for Smallworld

Smallworld Integration Server for Esri

Milsoft Integration

ASPEN DistriView Plug-in

Milsoft Integration

FDO Provider for Teradata

Milsoft Integration

ArcSDE Plug-in for FME

Milsoft Plug-in


Utility DataHub Milsoft Integration Geo Coding, Autodesk Map 3D Integration

Utility DataHub

Utility DataHub

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