Leverage the value of your investment in FME!  SBS Certified FME Trainers work closely with our colleagues at Safe Software to keep up to date on the most current FME product features. In addition to their deep technical skills, SBS Certified FME trainers have practical experience that they use to professionally communicate learning principles to all levels of product users.




SBS provides all types of FME training from basic courses to highly advanced customized courses. These course are held in a variety of locations from SBS headquarters in Lakewood, CO or on-site at customer locations.

FME Training Offerings

FME Training







FME Training

FME  QuickStart

Improve Your FME Skills


Solve Real Problems for Your Organization


Get Immediate Results


The FME QuickStart is a flexible program designed to help organizations get their FME system up and running quickly while delivering practical results. SBS works with our clients to define a package that includes custom training, mentoring and deployment of targeted services to support real business issues related to the integration of spatial information.


The FME QuickStart is led by a Certified FME Professional working directly with our clients to deliver quick results at an affordable price.


Contact Spatial Business Systems today for a free consultation to define your FME QuickStart.

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FME Training
FME Training