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Founded in 2002, SBS provides software and service solutions that help their clients maximize their investment in CAD, GIS and other information systems. The company has helped over 100 utility, telecommunications and government entities streamline their business processes and reduce costs through their innovative offerings. With offices in Denver, Colorado and Melbourne, Australia, SBS provides expert-level consulting skills and extensive experience in working with the unique engineering aspects of modeling networked infrastructure environments.


Spatial Business Systems is highly respected for our role in providing tools that enable access to the world's infrastructure data. SBS was founded in 2002 by executives and entrepreneurs who originally came from IBM, GE, Smallworld Systems and GeoData Solutions. Since its founding, the SBS team has expanded to include technical expertise and strategic partnerships with Autodesk, Esri, Oracle, Safe FME, Microsoft, Partner Software, Aspen and many more. The Company's history of working with utility and telecommunications organizations goes back nearly 30 years. SBS founders began their careers closely involved with development and implementation of the earliest commercial systems that were used in designing and managing networked infrastructure information for utilities, telecommunications organizations and governments.


As the market continues to demand companies to increase services while decreasing costs, SBS is focused on solutions that integrate existing stovepipe systems into streamlined workflows.



  • Dennis Beck, SBS

    Dennis Beck

    President and CEO

    Dennis Beck is a co-founder of SBS. He has more than 20 years of experience in geospatial systems implementation, software systems consultancy, information technology business analysis, and systems engineering. His specialty is the use of geospatial (GIS) technologies to solve advanced business problems.

  • Ben Lord, SBS

    Ben Lord

    Director of Finance and HR

    Ben Lord joined Spatial Business Systems, Inc. as Director of Finance and Human Resources in August 2009 where he manages the Finance, Accounting and Human Resources departments.

  • Andy Street, SBS

    Andrew Street

    Vice President of Technology

    Andy Street has more than 20 years of experience in the GIS marketplace and is a founding partner of Spatial Business Systems. He was also a founding partner in GeoData Solutions, a highly successful, worldwide GIS service provider and application developer. Andy is recognized throughout the GIS industry as one of the most experienced implementers and integrators of object-oriented GIS technologies for the management of critical infrastructure in the utility, telecommunications and government market segments.

  • Ryan Cauffman, SBS

    Ryan Cauffman

    Marketing Program Manager

    Ryan Cauffman joined Spatial Business Systems, Inc. in September 2009. He leads and manages all marketing activities for SBS. Ryan is also the business unit leader for SBS’ FME practice and software division. In this role he manages the sales and account management of SBS developed software as well as FME software, developed by Safe Software, and services.

  • Pat Reid, SBS

    Pat Reid

    Chief Operating Officer

    Pat Reid joined SBS as the Director of Delivery on November 2011. Pat oversees all aspects related to SBS' integration services group. He brings over 30 years of experience in project management and sales to the SBS team. 

  • Greg House, SBS

    Greg House

    General Manager, SBS Australia

    Greg House leads the Asia-Pacific office which opened in 2007 in Melbourne, Australia to serve the growing client base in the region. Greg is a veteran more than 40 years in the Australian geospatial and utility industries. His experience managing GIS project and support services are from both an internal utility perspective and as an outside service provider.

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Careers at SBS

Join a dynamic organization in a very fast-paced industry. Spatial Business Systems, Inc. provides a rewarding and exciting environment promoting flexibility, innovation, and a passion for customer service. We strive to employ the best people in our industry and encourage innovation, leadership and achievement to provide employees the opportunity to make a real difference. Working in the full view of the Colorado Rockies, our workplace is comfortable yet professionally challenging.


We offer competitive salaries, performance incentives, paid holidays, a comprehensive insurance package, an outstanding 401k plan, and tuition reimbursement.


We’re always looking for experienced professionals in geospatial consulting, software engineering and system implementation.


Please contact our human resources department if you would like to send us your qualifications or receive further information: hr@spatialbiz.com.

  • See Current Openings

    Senior Developer


    Senior developer with .net, Autodesk and Oracle experience.  Candidate should have a minimum of ten years of experience deploying GIS and design applications within utility environments.


    Please send resume and cover letter to hr@spatialbiz.com.


    Software Specialist and Trainer


    Spatial Business Systems seeks Software Specialist and Trainer to lead formation of our practice group specializing in Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) solutions for multiple client and data types; design, develop, test and implement FME desktop and software applications and programs, scripts and tools; diagnose problems with FME technology to maintain applications and programs; serve as advisor to software team and external clients regarding FME implementation and application and its associated hardware, software and procedures; implement FME training program and improve existing FME quick start training workshops. Bachelors in Computer Science or Software Engineering and 2 years exp.  For consideration, put job code A002 on resume and mail to Spatial Business Systems, Ben Lord, HR Director, 7175 West Jefferson Ave, Ste 4300, Lakewood, CO 80235.




  • Safe Software's FME product is the market leader ETL for geospatial information.  SBS leverages FME in many of our spatial integration offerings, enabling our clients to exchange data between different applications without the limitations of proprietary formats and systems. SBS is a member of the Silver VAR Partner Program for Safe Software, and has developed a number of FME extensions that support a variety of different platforms. The FME offerings, working with SBS products support advanced capabilities such as two-way interoperability and network model extraction.

  • Spatial Business Systems has been a GE Smallworld Solution Partner since 2002.  SBS personnel have performed Smallworld GIS implementation services and other related support for Smallworld customers across the globe. From the US and Canada to Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia, SBS personnel have worked with over 100 different Smallworld GIS clients. Our experience in high-performance interfaces using Smallworld data marshalling is reflected in our suite of Smallworld integration products. Our commitment to quality Smallworld services has built our reputation as an organization that will deliver solutions including work and asset management integration, field solution integration, interoperable integration with Oracle Spatial and a variety of custom projects designed to leverage the value of our customer’s Smallworld investments.

  • Oracle is the world’s leader in database software and their flagship products provide a number of options to support the storage of spatial information using Oracle Spatial and Oracle Locator.  SBS provides a proven set of product and services offerings to leverage Oracle’s spatial data management capabilities by opening up proprietary spatial databases to the Oracle enterprise.  SBS’ Oracle-based solutions support operational spatial databases, spatial data warehousing, enterprise integration and advanced analytics.

  • Partner provides staking and map-viewing solutions for spatial information and utility design. SBS is Certified in Partner products, allowing clients to work directly with SBS for all integration solutions. SBS offers supported custom configurations of and interfaces with clients’ new and existing Partner software. Customized staking and viewing solutions interface with a wide variety of best-of-breed solutions.

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